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digital diary welcomes you to contribute and write for us. You can write on any topic that is listed in our website. If you believe there is a topic on which you can contribute on regular basis and is missing in our website, than do write to us and our team will get in touch with you to discuss things ahead. All that we expect from you is write quality articles/blogs which will add value in our readers knowledge base.

Important Note.

We request you to focus on the following things to be a contributor;
  • Do not copy and paste others content.
  • No political points.
  • Your post must be of minimum 1000 words.
  • Your write up should be well reasearched and relevant.
  • Do not do keeyword overstuffing, we will have to either reject your submission or ask you to rework.
  • Images used should not have any copyright infringement issues.
  • Videos used should be having authority.
  • Need to take admin’s permission before putting any third party links.
  • Your write – up can not promote anyone without our knowledge.

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