Bhavin Turakhia – The poster boy of Indian internet boom era.


Bhavin Turakhia is an Indian Entrepreneur and founder of Directi, Flock, Radix and he also Co-founded Codechef and Zeta.

Bhavin had launched Directi when he was just 18 and Internet was on the boom.

Directi, a company started with just $375, is now a billion-dollar company.

Bhavin, the CEO of Flock and Zeta, was ranked as the 95th richest person with a net worth of $1.3B, in India by Forbes in 2016. 

Born in Mumbai, Maharashtra Bhavin has a bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics which he completed after dropping out of his bachelor in Science from D.G Ruparel College.

Bhavin is a serial entrepreneur and he likes to juggle the ventures that he is part of.

He sold four of his Web presence companies – BigRock, LogicBoxes, ResellerClub, and to Endurance International Group for $160M.

A few inspiring lines from Bhavin;

“I have never compromised on fundamentals. I’ve always believed in focusing on creating value and not valuation.”

“Never compromise on hiring the best talent. Build value, not valuation. We have never used tactics like giving discounts, cashback to make customers use our product. This way no one can create a sustainable business.” 

“India is one of the youngest startup nations in the world, and so far, various technology startups have witnessed phenomenal growth. It’s amazing how these startups are thriving solely based on domestic demands. It speaks volumes about India’s economy and its rich talent pool.” 

Future Projects and Ambitions: Bhavin wants to bring a valuable change in the field that he is working through technology. He is relentless in his work and defines success as a fulfilling journey and not in numbers. His fintech venture Zeta received an Investment at a valuation of $300M from Sodexo. I am sure he will bring some more value in the space of Fintech which seems a bit saturated at the moment but there has been very less work done in the space of Cloud Banking. It will be interesting to see what Bhavin has to offer the great Indian Middle Class. 


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