Malang – Unleash The Madness (Short Review)


The movie starts with a slick one-take fight scene which is shot with no cuts and shows each and every muscle in Aditya Roy Kapur’s physique and it shows off his range as a commercial hero.

Aditya Roy Kapur plays an aloof young hippie – Advait, a flawed and lost young man who goes on a solo trip to Goa.

In Goa, Advait meets Sara (Disha Patani) a free-spirited girl who lives life unshackled.

Sara is a major reason for moving the plot forward, yet she doesn’t get to do much in the movie.

I wish she had a more meaty role other than looking stunning while the camera lingers over her perfectly toned body.  

Moving ahead, 

Well as they say opposites attract and all goes well until life turns upside down and Advait is hell-bent on revenge.

And, believe me, his revenge shots are being captured with absolute ease. 

Aghase (Anil Kapoor) and Michael (Kunal Khemu), playing cops are on his way to stop him.

Just to tell you, Advait is killing cops only.

Malang is a commercial cinematic outing where everything is dramatic and the stakes are through the roof and this is not a bad thing and adds to the experience.

This is a movie for people who are bored and necessarily don’t want to invest brainpower into watching a movie with nuance and subtlety with deeper meanings but still want to be entertained.

It is a fun ride through and through with breakneck pacing and expected but crazy twists and turns.

After two consecutive flops director, Mohit Suri returns to his tried and tested formula of a romance and revenge with phenomenal and original music soundtrack-like always.

And Kunal Khemu also puts forth a convincing performance but especially shines in scenes with the ever-dependable Amruta Khanvilkar.

But, undoubtedly the person who is having the most fun in this movie is Anil Kapoor who plays Aghase, a crazy cop who suffers a personal loss and is addicted to coke and fed up of the system.

It’s not as good as Majnu Bhai but it’ll do.

If you ask me, the movie could have been more interesting with a storyline with more emphasis on minor details and trailer which doesn’t spoil one of the major twists of the movie.

A few important feats achieved by Malang Movie.

Worldwide collection (Gross) is more than Rs 84 crores.
This is Aditya Roy Kapur’s second successful movie. [ 1st being Aashiqui 2 (Rs 79 crore)]
Malang is 4th highest grosser movie of the year 2020.

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