Mr. Gaurav Taneja – Do not you connect with him?

Look at this Pic. of Mr Gaurav Taneja – Do not you connect with him?

I do,

Gaurav Taneja

Look at him – “HEAD HELD HIGH”
He comes as a guy who after achieving so much in life is still aiming new things in his life.

I connect with him;

1. I can feel the sense of pride that he has.
2. I know, he is saying to himself – Gaurav, have walked a bit crossed a few milestones many more to achieve, stay focused Gaurav.
3. He tells me, you got a goal – Go work on it, achieve it.
4. He is an inspiration, look at his simplicity, his elegance, his sincerity, his competence, he is complete.

Mr Gaurav Taneja’s success story is a very good example, of what

1. Dedication
2. Determination
3. Discipline

Can help someone achieve in his/her life.

Gaurav is 5.7 feet, born in Kanpur – Uttar Pradesh (India), studied in IIT Kharagpur and is a civil engineer.

He is a commercial pilot working with Air Asia, since 2019, and has worked with Indigo Airways for 7 years.
(Mentioned in his linked-in account)

Now the question comes;

How did Gaurav Taneja become famous in India?

His passion made him famous.

But was it only his passion,

Or, it was his education.

See he was always been into bodybuilding, but unlike many people who just get into bodybuilding because;

1. He saw some bodybuilder liked him and got fascinated.
2. He did it just to look good.
3. He did it because it could have made him known in his surrounding.

He made bodybuilding his lifestyle.

Here is his first Insta image, you can see his physique;

Now here is a pic of his from one of his bodybuilding event;

Are you amazed?

Yes, Right.

And hey …..

Come closer.

He is an IITian (Whispering in your left ear).

Can you believe it?

Isn’t he too smart to be a bodybuilder?

As per his LinkedIn, we get a few mentions about his association with bodybuilding associations;

1. IBF(Indian Bodybuilding Federation) National Pro Athlete
2. DBBA (Delhi Body Building Association), overall champion -2013

Let’s move on to real glory.

Mr Gaurav got famous with youtube.

And, as of the date he has 2 youtube channels.

1. Flying Beast: 2.42 Million Subscriber | Total Videos = 387
2. Fit Muscle Tv: 1.36 Million Subscriber | Total Videos = 285
(Above data was taken from youtube on the day of the post.)

Here are a few pics from his Insta posts;

This is the lifestyle that he enjoys.

Mr Gaurav with his wife Mrs Ritu Taneja (Mrs. Ritu Taneja is working with Indigo airlines as a Captain on Airbus A320 ✈️✈️ )

Mr Gaurav with his wife, Ritu Taneja and their cute little daughter.

A photoshoot.

From one of his meet and greet events with fans.

He got famous by;
1. Pursuing a passion.
2. Completing his education from India’s top education institute (IIT KGP).
3. Becoming a pilot and working with one of the leading Indian Airlines.
4. Doing a side hustle and making his passion a source of lifestyle.
5. Creating a youtube channel and endorsing the knowledge he has.

Getting famous on youtube.

He got famous on youtube, because;
1. He never faked about anything.
2. He kept his videos as real as possible.
3. His journey is quite impressive and motivating.
4. He represents a family man figure.
5. He never got into any wrong act.
6. He stayed consistent with his video post.

Right now, When India and the world are in global coronavirus lockdown.

He is staying in Kanpur, with his family.

Note: All Pics are from Mr Gaurav’s Insta page.

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