Mrs. Serial Killer – Why Netflix?

Mrs. Serial Killer

Mrs Serial Killer, this movie is about a loyal wife (Jacqueline Fernandez)  who is ready to go to any extent to prove her husband’s (Manoj Bajpayee) innocence. Manoj Bajpayee’s character is under trial for killing 5 young girls.

This movie is officially categorised as a thriller/murder mystery.

But if you ask me I would say, it is an unintentionally comedic train wreck which you cannot look away from.

Unless you’re a fan of the people involved in the movie it is truly not worth watching and the same time can be spent watching something entertaining rather than wasting it.

Trust me, when I tell you the initial concept of the story had a true potential to be a decent or even a successful outing, and with awesome actors like Manoj Bajpayee and Mohit Raina on board, I was looking forward to the end result.

But sadly,

What ruins my experience is – An experimental casting choice combined with the director’s decision to try each and every concept under the sun to make the movie stand out and look different.

And hey a substandard storyline and weak storytelling pull the movie in random directions.

While trying to be different, the movie shoots itself in the foot and ends up being idiotic.

Though it was not without merit as it introduces zayn Marie khan who puts forth a commendable performance even when delivering cringy dialogue and it provided Mohit Raina to show more of his acting skills after URI.

But the worst part of the movie is that it becomes so campy by the end that you end up laughing no matter how dire the situation on screen.

The performances of the cast were passable, to say the least, and with Jacqueline Fernandez failing to put forth even a commendable performance in spite of a year of acting lessons even Manoj Bajpayee fails to save this movie with his cheesy but “sexy zulfein”.

If you ask me I would say,

A better casting choice for the lead and a coherent script would have made this movie a truly entertaining watch.

Why Netflix?

Why did you stream this movie on your platform?

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