IPL 2020 M4 – Rajasthan Royals won.

Sanju Samson

Rajasthan Royals vs Chennai super kings match was edgy,

last 12 balls from both the batting teams were awesome and full of surprises.

I am surprised with the way Rajasthan Royals took on Chennai Super Kings,

I mean look.

I know Rajasthan Royals, are capable enough to do this.

In fact, in 20-20 any team can take on any team, and not forget Rajasthan Royals remains the winner of 1st edition of IPL.

Now, Chennai Super Kings winning the toss and choosing to bowl first was just as a known thing like Dhoni said, “When in Doubt on due in the night, bowl first”.

But, Rajasthan Royals, loses Jaiswal  (For those who do not know Jaiswal, he is the same panipuri to 22 yards success story) quickly, in came Sanju Samson and he took Piyush Chawla for a ride.

At times I feel like spinners should say “Bro… I am done, I am not going to bowl rest of the over”, See I do not doubt the calibre of Piyush Chawla, but 47 runs in first 2 overs, bro you could have done better. Anyways, you still have a long way to go. And, Dhoni is going to get the best out of it all.

3 batsman who was awesome in the game were;

1. Sanju Samson: Scored 74 runs off 32 balls, with 9 sixes and 1 four @ a strike rate of 231.25. He simply stole the show and got out at 132/2 at 11.4 Overs.
2. Steve Smith: Scored 69 runs off 47 balls, with 4 sixes and 4 fours @ a strike rate of 146.80. Smith played along, stayed on the pitch till the end and got out at 178/7 at 18.2 Overs.
3. J Archer: Scored 27 runs off 8 balls, with 4 sixes @ a strike rate of 337.50. I believe we are allowed to call him a batsman in 20-20, isn’t it. He was simply awesome and gave that extra run cushion to the team.

Had, Archer did not score those quick 27 runs, it would have been pretty much difficult for Rajasthan Royals to tame Chennai Super Kings.

Chennai Super Kings, ideally I lose my heart when I see them loose, but the way Dhoni finished with 3 sixes in the last over – It was fun, edgy and gave me hope.

See, Chennai super kings are known for maintaining relatively low NRR, they have always believed on winning a number of matches and their calculations have always gone right (I am using the word always with utmost responsibility. Just look at the total number of semifinals and finals they have played.

2 batsman who was awesome in the game were;

1. S Watson: Scored 33 runs off 21 balls, with 4 sixes and 1 four @ a strike rate of 157.145. giving the start CSK was looking for, getting out at 56/1 in 6.4 overs.
2. F du Plessis: Scored 72 runs off 37 balls, with 7 sixes and 1 four @ a strike rate of 194.59. Plessis stayed on the pitch till the end and got out at 179/7 at 18.5 Overs.

Notable batting performance:
1. SM Curran: Surprise entry at NO.4, scored 17 runs of 6 balls, with 2 sixes and 1 four @ a strike rate of 283.33.
2. MS Dhoni (c) †: Came in to bat at No. 7 scored 29 runs off 17 balls, with 3 sixes @ a strike rate of 170.58.

Now, the question comes,

What went wrong with Chennai Super Kings?

Why did they lose?

Was it batting?

Was it bowling?

Was it fielding? (Oh, don’t judge them for this, they are the team of old dads in IPL)

So what went wrong?

Here is my take.

1. Piyush Chawla’s first 2 over went for 47 runs, and gave 1 No Ball. As a spinner (And that too in IPL) you should not be giving No ball. Stay far from the bowling line, no one cares.
2. Nigidi (fast bowler), went for 56 runs in 4 overs and gave 2 No balls.

For me these 2 bowlers ruined the day for CSK, these will be same bowlers winning the day as well.

But for today.

I will blame these 2 guys.

What’s your take on this match?

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