Raktanchal – Based On True Events.

A web series spread in the era of 1980s.

The best part about Raktanchal is, it has 9 episodes with a run time of around 20 mins each episode, and believe me the story line is so gripping that time flies and the entire season is over.

What I loved about it;

1. A very well directed 1st season. Ritam has done a very good job, camera & art work are spot on.
2. Both the male protagonists have done an amazing job.
3. Waseem Khan played by Nikitin Dheer is a very well written, smartly dressed, well poised and the criminal supported by local MLA Pujari. Believe me you will love him for the kind of respect he shows towards his people – At least I loved the way he handled Pujari in one scene.
4. Vijay Singh played by Kranti Prakash Jha, is behind Waseem khan. Vijay Singh wants to take a revenge from Waseem khan (Watch the series to know “WHY”). Vijay singh’s role is very much powerful. He has done complete justice with the kind of work that was required.
5. Sanki, oh my boy. This character is just magical. He adds an extra flavour to the later part of season 1. Be it his gun scenes, stalking scenes, romance scene, or the climax scene. Sanki nailed it. (One more reason to watch the series)


Story line;

Raktanchal is a mixture of drama and gang war, full of slangs – bullets – blood.
Vijay Singh wants to be a collector, but due to circumstances becomes a most wanted goon of the Purvanchal (IN Uttar Pradesh), his only aim now is to destroy Waseem Khan. Season 1 is all about guns, shoot outs, crime, and blood bath.

The real star of web series;

The writers have done an awesome job. Each and every character is very well written, with their own screen presence. They have been successful in establishing a connect with the audience. Not even one character in the web series is either all good – good or completely ugly.


I believe background music could have been more strong. A few scenes could not create the hype because of low background score.

Final Verdict;

Yes, you should watch it.

There are many reasons, just go to mxplayer and watch it.

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