SPECIAL Kids or Kids with special talents.

Hope Pulls


This word is very much strong.

If used in a good way, it

  1. Can bring a smile on people’s face.
  2. Empower people.
  3. Helps people to grow.
  4. Brings hope for the future.

But, if used carelessly – Oh boy…

  1. It can make people feel sad, worthless, miserable ……
  2. It can just stop. (Stop that person from thinking anything – forget +vity.)

A human being is special, not their condition.

I haven’t met even one kid, boy, man, woman, or anyone who wanted to be called “Special Child” or “He/She is a special kid”.

No parents who are taking care of these beautiful token of love ever wanted to you to show sympathy towards them.

Watch the video.

And tell me what you see.

Do you see SPECIAL kids or Kids with special talents?

I see them as a bunch of kids with special talents.

I see great hope.

Believe me, you will smile while watching them perform.

They are the delight.



Let’s find one positive situation.

It helps.

Remember – HOPE PULLS.


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