Top 5 Movies To Watch – On Netflix.

Top 5 movies to watch

Isn’t it tedious to find a good/interesting movie in the unending ocean of content on Netflix?

And, now imagine at a time of global pandemic where people have extra time on their hands they end up watching a lacklustre movie.

Which was the last movie you watched on Netflix and it did not live up to your expectations and you ended up wasting your time and feeling exhausted?

Okay, let’s make your movie choice a bit easy.

Here are my top five movies to watch on Netflix.

These movies have the capacity to live up to the classics and believe me these movies will keep you entertained through the tough times of covid-19.

The five movies presented below are of different genres so everyone can find their pick of the litter.

1.Action and Adventure 
3.Suspense or Thriller
No. 1 => Jhon Wick (Series)

This movie series is about an ex-hitman who goes on a rampage.

This movie series is for the action buffs who crave for good fight scenes and realistic action.

Even though the movies come off as one of the cliches where an old action hero is a specialist in his craft and kills everyone using nothing but his charisma, it is like saying in Hindi “Kuch Bhi”.

But that thanks to the protagonist. 

Our leading star is Keanu Reeves who encapsulates the sadness of John Wick perfectly. And does 90% of his own stunts which makes the movie feel more realistic and gritty.

The series is one of the rare ones where it gets better and better by each instalment. As it ramps up the stakes and level of action each time. This movie series is the reason all the big-budget action blockbusters have changed and co-opted for more realistic action instead of relying on quick cuts and CGI.

No. 2 => Get Smart

It is a spy comedy where the protagonist is a bumbling but capable idiot who is paired with an expert spy who is trying to stop a terrorist attack but not everything as it seems.

This movie is a fun comedy which is never dull and constantly tickles your funny bone.

Believe me, it is an evergreen movie which you will find funny even on the 100th watch.

The cast of the movie is funny throughout with Steve Carell at the helm with his perfect comedic timing and irresistible goofy charm.

If you’re bored and need a pick up from your boring day watching this movie will no doubt cheer you up?

It is one of the movies where both the audience and the makers of the movie can have fun each aspect of the movie comes together without flaws and there is good performance throughout.

No. 3 => Andhadhun

The movie is about a blind musician who stumbles into a bad situation and the ensuing chaos.

It is a different, unexpected, twisted and most importantly new and realistic movie which will keep you on your toes from the moment the story starts unravelling.

This movie is a truly underrated masterpiece which keeps you guessing and talking about it even after it ends.

The cast of the movie has brilliant performances throughout with an excellent story written and directed by Sriram Raghavan. With tabu putting forth one of the best performances of her career.

But the person who deserves the highest praise is Ayushman Khurana who steals the show with his brilliant portrayal of a blind person.

This is the movie which started Ayushmans hit streak in Bollywood and solidified him as a legitimate actor who can truly lead any movie and not just rom-coms.

No. 4 => The Ugly Truth

Abby, a lovelorn TV producer, finds herself in the midst of tests when she strikes a deal with her chauvinistic colleague, Mike, who wants to prove to her the accuracy of his relationship theories.

This movie explores the polar opposite mindsets of women and men when it comes to relationships. And in a truly romantic fashion ends with making the audience feel revitalised to pursue love in their life or cherish the romantic relationship with their better half.

The cast of the movie puts forth commendable performances and Gerard butler proves yet again that he can also work in a romantic setting and not only in action-adventure.

No.5 => Stree

The people of Chanderi live under constant fear of Stree, the spirit of a woman who attacks men at night during festivals. Vicky, along with his friends, decides to unravel the mystery.

The movie captures the true balance of horror and mystery and manages to blend Indian folk tales into true horror stories.

This is where you will feel nostalgic or terrified or intrigued based on your childhood experiences.

The cast of the movie is excellent throughout and deserved to be showered with praises. The movie even manages to pull a decent performance out of shraddha Kapoor.

Hope you guys will like the movies.

See you in our next piece.

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