Use TikTok To Create A Personal Brand.

Tik Tok.

Let me tell you this,

Tik Tok is an awesome platform to create a personal brand.

Tik Tok establishes you as a content creator in the “Micro – Video” industry.

Micro – Videos are creating a lot of hype and is helping companies across the industries to achieve their business goal.


This is what I can suggest you;

  • Find your interest area, something that you are good at.
  • Find people on tik tok who are creating videos in your interested area.
  • See what they are doing.
  • Download the videos which is creating highest engagement for them (Engagement means, likes and shares)
  • Analyse these videos.
  • Now start creating videos in lines with what is working.
  • Use proper hashtags.

What not to do?

Do not care about likes and shares, in the beginning, you may not get engagement in the beginning but that’s ok.

Stay consistent. It works in the long run.

All the very best.

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