Why Startup Ideas Fail?


It’s never an idea that fails.

Most of the start-up I know, and which failed is because of;

  • Founders personality did not match with start-up’s personality.
  • Most of the people start a business just because he/she needs to prove to the societal pressure of doing something.
  • Not having a well planned and researched business model.
  • Product has nothing new to add value in users life.
  • The business was not scalable.
  • Unplanned expansion plan.
  • Unwanted cash burn in the form of marketing and promotions.
  • Budget required and fund in hand does not match.
  • Not having a realistic goal.
  • Founders are not good in doing sales.
  • Cost of customer acquisition is higher than lifetime value of customers.
  • Poor hiring.
  • Bad team management.

There can be many more.

Keep exploring and learning.

Others mistake are not to be repeated.

Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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